About Vendee2020Vision

Launched in 2016, Vendee2020Vision is a new initiative to nurture offshore sailing talent along the path to success in yacht racing’s most challenging event - the Vendée Globe, the quadrennial singlehanded non-stop round the world race. 

The Vendée Globe has not earned the nickname the ‘Everest of the sea’ for nothing. It’s the ultimate test for a sailor. It takes an exceptional kind of person to win. 

Through Vendee2020Vision, singlehanded offshore sailing has a huge amount to offer a commercial partner. We are working with some exceptional youth talent, nurturing their potential with the belief that we can achieve a winner of a solo non-stop around the world race. We believe also that in this age of digital and social media we have an offering that competes favourably in the advertising and sponsorship marketplace. We have the ability to create compelling and authentic content portraying strong human and brand values across multiple and diverse touchpoint

Vendee2020Vision is a shared vision borne out of a long term working relationship with Artemis Investment Management, the longest serving British company to sponsor ocean racing. For eight years young inspiring ocean racing talent has been invested in with a view to achieve victory in the Vendée Globe. 

As we speak, four of the most talented yachtsmen and women are competing for a place on the startline.  

And right now we’re also looking for a very  special sponsor to share in his or her fame.

The Open 60s are the most extreme and exciting platforms in the world of competitive solo sailing. Designed to be sailed single handed, it is a radical, high performance boat, known for reaching world record speeds in extreme conditions. 

Most of Britain’s best known sailing heroes have made their mark onboard Open 60s - Dame Ellen McArthur, Sir Robin Knox-Johnson, Mike Golding, Emma Richards, Dee Caffari and Alex Thomson.

4 year timeline.001.jpeg

The sport of single-handed offshore racing is growing - 50% more entries in the Vendee Globe 2016 (30) than in 2012, but fewer UK entries (down from 8 to 1) than ever before, providing a less cluttered brand environment for British based entries.

The 2016/7 edition of the Vendée Globe race generated extraordinary media coverage and PR exposure with 1,274 hours of TV coverage, on 97 channels in 190 countries. 10 million unique visitors to the race website, 71 million videos viewed, and 2.2 million people visited the race village, all in just three months.