The Final Day...

It has been a tough night, with a confused sea state and the team has been sailing with no wind data, which has limited their speed and ability to push hard. The mist and rain also impacted visibility. They are approaching the turning point to John O'Groats with 180 miles to go their expected eta is the early hours of Monday morning. 



Skipper Mikey Ferguson

"It was tricky. We basically had a lot of thick cloud coming in from the west the whole time. Every now and again you might get a five-minute patch of stars which was a godsend basically. Apart from that, we had very, very heavy fine rain so we got mist all the time and our light was super bright which made our night vision even worse. But yes, it was so tricky to drive without having any wind data. The swell was coming one direction, and the wind and waves were coming from different directions. The boat was being thrown around a lot. To be quite honest, we were not up to speed. We probably were at least one full sail combination behind what we should have been on. We had three reefs in the main and the fractional A5 up and we were probably only sailing at 75% of the polars. But it was just such a hideous night that anymore we would probably have risked Chinese gybing and it would just not have been good for anyone onboard. Downstairs, if we had a Chinese gybe for sure. So it was just the safe option just to keep smart and keep us upright. If we had to go a bit slower, we had to go a bit slower. As soon as the first light came we were able to get all the big sails up again and we are now on the biggest ones we got. And we are pointing roughly in the right direction. And hopefully, we will be there in about ten hours."


lucy harwood